(sub)Urban Projections 2014

2014, February 2

Harmonic Laboratory is a collective of artists, thinkers, educators and innovators that investigate the human experience through the integration of media and common theme. Harmonic Laboratory consists of Choreographer/Dancer Brad Garner, Composer/Musician Jeremy Schropp, Animator/Programmer John Park, and Intermedia-Artist/Programmer/Composer Jon Bellona.

A collaborative in flux, by challenging each other and their audiences, this quartet presses into the margins of their fields and intends to create new works only possible through collaboration. For the 2014 (sub)Urban Projections performance at the Hult Center, Guest Artists include Medium Troy, Dmitri von Klein, Chet Udell, Quinn Tincher, Shannon Mockli, Rachel Winchester, and Sean Hamling.

Produced by Cultural Services, City of Eugene in partnership with Arts & Administration, University of Oregon.

Second edition, circa 2015.